230 EUR

Up North the way people talk is efficient. You say what has to be said, no more, sometimes less. In other words, it’s quite natural and expected that Umeå ends up being pronounced Ume. Everyone knows what you mean anyway, right?

Technical specifications
  • Square | 54mm - 16mm - 145mm
  • Light Bark
  • Biodegradable acetate
  • Lens: category 0
  • Unisex


All birch used in EOE frame come from Swedish Lapland. In Umeå, where the founders of EOE are from, there are so many birches that it’s often called the City of Birches (Björkarnas stad in Swedish). Just in the very city center of Umeå, there are about 3000 birches along the streets.

Friendly acetate

The acetate used in all EOE frames is made out of a mix of wood and cotton pulp. The process for the making of the cellulose acetate contains a treatment of two different fibers; seeds (cotton) and wood (from conifer and broadleaf deciduous trees). Both wood and cotton are renewable resources and available and easily accessible in our very close nature. What separates the EOE biodegradable acetate to the acetate that is normally used for eyewear, is foremost that it doesn’t contain any petroleum or phthalates – which are considered to be so poisonous it’s even forbidden in the production of toys and children’s products.