Mäster Samuelsgatan 10

EOE Eyewear opens the doors to its concept store in central Stockholm

The sparse nature of northern Sweden translated into minimalistic elegance has ever since the start in 2010 been the trade mark for EOE. Now, all customers, old and new, are for the first time invited in for a closer look of the unique EOE universe.

Our first store

The store concept is a natural extension of the sustainable EOE design philosophy; inspiration from nature up north and a distinct focus on material, form and detail. In the last few years, EOE has earned a spot as one of the most distinguished actors in sustainability.

This will come clear also to the customers coming to the new store. Visually, all materials in the store take inspiration from water, soil, snow and mountains. In a more concrete way, it will also be evident to everyone coming to the store that sustainably is at the heart and soul of EOE as customers can drop their worn-out frames at the cashier, for EOE to produce new ones from.

Mäster Samuelsgatan 10

When the doors open to the first EOE store, they do so on the best possible address, on Mäster Samuelsgatan 10, right in the middle of Biblioteksstan, home for many leading eyewear brands. But where other stores are mere stores – EOE will offer something more.

– Coming to EOE should be like visiting a dear friend. We will highlight creative talents from northern Sweden. One week this could mean an art exhibition with a sculptor from Norrbotten, next week a gig with a DJ with roots up north. Simply put, the store will be a piece of Norrland right in the middle of Stockholm, says Emilia Lindmark.


Throughout the store you find customised interior and monolithic use of local materials in sculptural forms that lift and praise the highly detailed craft of the eyewear. The stone inspiration used throughout the project comes from the mountains of the Swedish Lapland, the locally produced metal used in different forms is referring to the widely known metal crafts and jewellery from Norrland where the company and idea behind EOE Eyewear was born back in 2010. The blue centrepiece is inspired by a waterfall running from the mountains in Ammarnäs and the roof is influenced by crispy snow.

Opening hours:

Monday: 12 - 18
Tuesday - Friday: 10 - 18
Saturday: 12 - 17
Sunday: Closed

Closed for lunch:

Tuesday - Friday: 13 - 14
Does not apply to Mondays or Saturdays


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