Reloved by EOE EYEWEAR

After you have used your EOE eyewear, recycle your old eyewear.


When we receive frames that are too poor to sell, they will go into our circular machine, REGRIND. There they will become new eyewear, but if they are in good condition we sell them here in our Reloved collection, to be loved in a circular way; over and over again.

The most sustainable way to save the environment is to use your glasses for many years, and make sure you take good care of them. But of course, your sight can change and when that happens changing glasses might be a necessity.

The second most sustainable way is to buy yourself a pair of Reloved eyewear. Eyewear that has already been produced makes circular fashion moving in the right direction.


"Reloved by EOE EYEWEAR is the gap between our friendly acetate and regrind"

- says Emilia Lindmark, CEO & Co-founder of EOE Eyewear

We can change the fashion industry if we work together.

As a company we want to present a wider choice of reloved pieces to create a circular flow before they end up at our recycling.

Together we can switch from throw away fast fashion culture to a mindful, circular model as a solution to the overexploitation of natural resources.


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