Within the Sami tradition, the starry sky reflects a different story. The big elk hunt. In the story, the large moose Sarvva is hunted by, among others, the hunter Galla's three sons, who correspond to three stars in the constellation Orion's belt.


In mythology, Pegasus was a faithful friend who helped most of the ancient heroes on their adventures. So faithful and loyal was he that the gods had the winged horse immortalized in the form of a constellation. Which today is classified as Västerbotten's landscape constellation.


Tradition and creativity. This is how we would choose to describe the village of Pajala - which is also popularly called the capital of Tornedalen. On the second weekend after midsummer, the traditional Pajala Market, which has been organized since the 18th century, is organized. And the town is also central to a certain novel about popular music.


Where the Vittangiälven empties into the Torneälven lies the village of the same name. Vittangi is considered one of Norrland's best places for those interested in fishing. As the river is rich in, among other things, trout and grayling. North of the village there is a nature reserve that is a must for every bird watcher.


In Swedish, there are many different words used to cover all meaning of the English verb ”put”. In the North, there is one short word that fulfills the same inclusive function as ”put”: He.


For those who know their hydrology and aquatic ecology, Krycklan is home turf. All others can be well informed about this still watercourse in the Vindelälven river, which, along a part of the route, also has a nature reserve named after it.


It grows in all our northernmost mountains, but it takes a trained eye to spot the fireweed. It requires calcareous soil, lacks chlorophyll and is completely parasitic, taking nutrients from the roots of other plants. Yet we love it so much.


Ängsvide is a low growing rice-like shrub, the bark is beautifully gray-brown. Ängsvide grows on pine moors, in forest edges and meadow slopes. There are two subspecies of the plant that are sometimes considered two separate species, therefore we have let it inspire the design with a two-color front.


In between the great lakes of Uddjaure and Hornavan, along route 95, often referred to as The Silver Road, you find Arjeplog. It has the fewest citizens of all Norrbotten municipalities, but its fascinating Silver Museum attracts visitors from far far away.


A narrow tear in the rock or a thin layer of soil on a cliff is all this little white and vigorous carnation Bergglim needs to shine as small spotlights against gray granite.


Sweden feels bigger when there are places with names that doesn’t even sound Swedish. Haparanda, stunningly located right on the Finnish border is one of those places.


It gets just over two inches high. It looks a little special with its asymmetrical yellow-white flowers. It spreads throughout the Swedish mountains but blooms only during late summer. But the sweet scent of Lappspiran remains.


The cultivated form has been given the not very pleasant name gubbaskägg (old man’s beard). In the wild, on open fields and sea shores, it stands steadily, yellow and neighborly and almost a meter high, under its more beautiful name – Renfana.


In contrast to its luminous name, it is quite unobtrusive where it stands. The forest star, this white, soft and for Scandinavia so homely flower.


Outside Storuman is Stensele, a small village in large forests. In the mighty wooden church, one of the largest in the country, besides Queen Kristina’s Bible, there is also a copy of the world’s smallest Bible, small as a stamp.


With its more than two thousand inhabitants, Storuman is the central place in the municipality of the same name, a municipality which is one of the largest in Sweden. Do you like fishing? Look no further.


I Swedish, the word Tärna can mean many different things. Its what you do in the kitchen when you chop (tärna) your vegetables. It’s the maid (tärna) when you wed and it’s also a bird (tern). However, up north, when people say Tärna, they do of course mean Tärnaby.


There are few villages as small as Tärnaby that have managed to become well-known across the globe. Less than five hundred citizens and almost two hundred World Cup skiing victories. How did it happen? Well, as with all beautiful mysteries, this too remains unsolved.


Up North the way people talk is efficient. You say what has to be said, no more, sometimes less. In other words, it’s quite natural and expected that Umeå ends up being pronounced Ume. Everyone knows what you mean anyway, right?


The North has so many things to be proud of but the vibrant city life is not normally what comes top of mind. Today however, Umeå has emerged as an entrepreneurial and cultural hotspot. At the same time, the quietness and the closeness to nature so significant to the ”City of Birches” is still intact.


Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina of Baden was Queen of Sweden and married to Gustav IV Adolf. Its from her that Vilhelmina – whose municipality has chosen the apt and swinging tagline ”wild and beautiful” – has received its beautiful name.