Nalta means little. In Vänsterbotten, there is a proverb laconically clarifying how nalta is best used: Harta borti harta jer brano, harta borti he, he jer nalta. (You may want to Google it, or better still, ask someone from Västerbotten).


It’s commonly claimed that people in the north of Sweden are quiet. But when it comes to expletives, they do speak quite freely. And they use their profanities in a creative way, more often than not to emphasize how amazing something is: ”Nanting (Oh my God!) these frames are stunning!”


In Swedish, there are many different words used to cover all meaning of the English verb ”put”. In the North, there is one short word that fulfills the same inclusive function as ”put”: He.


The big lake outside Vilhelmina, where every year someone seems to be breaking the biggest char-record, has a name that sounds very much like a Swedish toddler trying to speak English.


Ängsvide is a low growing rice-like shrub, the bark is beautifully gray-brown. Ängsvide grows on pine moors, in forest edges and meadow slopes. There are two subspecies of the plant that are sometimes considered two separate species, therefore we have let it inspire the design with a two-color front.


”The air itself breathes serenity and calmness”, reads one of the lines in the Dorotea song. A spot on description of the village along the highway 45. Dorotea was named after queen Fredrika Dorotea Vilhelmina but we kind of prefer the Dorotea nickname: The south entrance to Lapland.


A late summer 1853, Johan Natanaelsson, Hössjö, was executed for with intent having murdered his father-in-law. Johan became the last person in Västerbotten to be sentenced to death. Incidentally, Hössjö, south of Umeå, is a fairly quiet community.


You will feel its scent before it catches your eye. Nattviol (Platanthera Bifolia), commonly known in English as the Lesser Butterfly Orchid, occurs most frequently in early summer, thrives best in moist soil, likes growing in groups and grows fastest at night – hence the beautiful name in Swedish - Nattviol (Night Violet).


In contrast to its luminous name, it is quite unobtrusive where it stands. The forest star, this white, soft and for Scandinavia so homely flower.


We found paradise a few nautical miles outside the coast of Piteå. A vast sandy beach, a dock in the shape of a lagoon, a rich bird life and fishing to die for. Oh, and a bonus: the Västerbotten coastline tracks more hours of sun in the summer than any other pace in Sweden.


I Swedish, the word Tärna can mean many different things. Its what you do in the kitchen when you chop (tärna) your vegetables. It’s the maid (tärna) when you wed and it’s also a bird (tern). However, up north, when people say Tärna, they do of course mean Tärnaby.