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Where in Sweden you are from, decides how you use the word ”where”. In Standard Swedish, there are two different ways of using the word: ”var” and ”vart”. In the North, the, to amusement for people in southern Sweden, the Swedish language is less refined. Here, they simply replace ”var” and ”vart” with ”vars”, which covers covers both meanings.

Technical specifications
  • Cat eye |
  • Regrind
  • Lens: category 0


When Erik Lindmark in the early years of EOE visited eyewear brands throughout Sweden, he noticed that their droors were full of frames that never had been sold. At the same time, consumers had no way of getting rid of their used frames in a satisfying way. Sooner or later, they simply ended up in the trash. Each year, about three billion frames are sold globally. It was easy to see there was a problem to solve here.

EOE initiated a collaboration with different partners and could soon offer stations where the customers could return their used frames. Together with researchers in northern Sweden, Erik and Emilia set out to develop a process and a product that from used frames could create a new material and new frames. Today, thousands of collected frames are each month being dismantled and sorted into different color and quality schemes. Thereafter the recycling process – the regrinding – begins. The frames are shattered into small pieces and the metallic parts are filtered out. About 98% of the material is being recycled. The result from the regrinding is millions of small, irregular pieces of acetate – the new raw material.


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