40 EUR

Where Stockholm has its Dalarö, Gothenburg its Marstrand and Helsingborg its Viken, Umeå in Åheden has its very own refuge for city dwellers who want to breathe the cleanest air and live the simplest life.

Size guide
  • 55
Technical specifications
  • Cat eye | 55mm - 17mm - 140mm
  • Crystal
  • Biodegradable acetate
  • Lens: Black gradient category 3
  • Unisex


Reloved fills the gap between our friendly acetate and Regrind frames. Together we can switch from throwaway fast fashion culture to a mindful, circular model as a solution to the overexploitation of natural resources.

Friendly acetate

The acetate used in all EOE frames is made out of a mix of wood and cotton pulp. The process for the making of the cellulose acetate contains a treatment of two different fibers; seeds (cotton) and wood (from conifer and broadleaf deciduous trees). Both wood and cotton are renewable resources and available and easily accessible in our very close nature. What separates the EOE biodegradable acetate to the acetate that is normally used for eyewear, is foremost that it doesn’t contain any petroleum or phthalates – which are considered to be so poisonous it’s even forbidden in the production of toys and children’s products.