Meet our EOE-friend Tobias Adolfsson


”Tiring of cycling would be like getting tired of water.”

When do you know that you are truly passionate about something? Perhaps it is when you for you wildest imagination cannot understand how other people do not feel the same interest. For Tobias Adolfsson, it is genuinely difficult to understand how someone can choose not to ride a bike.

”It’s obviously the most physically effective way to be moving around, if you’r prepared to sweat just a few drops.”


Over the years he has gained a broader perspective and now realizes how important the bicycle is also to the development of the urban environment. Although he may think that people who haven’t grasped the greatness of bicycles are naive, he has no interest in standing on the barricades. Tobias just happen to know that bikes are the most fun there is.

For a few years now, he runs the bicycle shop ATR (And The Revolution) in Södermalm in
Stockholm, where they offer customized bikes to their customers. (”But it’s no high flying geekiness, just smart and simple design and function”). Everything to make it as easy as possible for as many people as possible to use bicycles more in everyday life.

As a nineteen-year-old Tobias started his first company, the world’s northernmost bicycle
messenger in Umeå. Almost thirty years later, there are no plans whatsoever to change
course. Tobias sticks to the bicycle as companion.

”There is something in the freedom of a bicycle that is difficult to achieve otherwise. The
freedom combined with the fact that it’s fun to screw in bicycles. I will never tire. Tiring of
cycling would be like getting tired of water.”

Visit ATR at or pop by Åsögatan 122 at Södermalm in Stockholm.

Meet our EOE-friends


To be a little different, of a certain kind, a bit special and not like the rest, peculiar but loveable, odd but pleasant, strange but in an appealing way. All of this is to be what we in the north of Sweden call eljest.

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You will feel its scent before it catches your eye. Nattviol (Platanthera Bifolia), commonly known in English as the Lesser Butterfly Orchid, occurs most frequently in early summer, thrives best in moist soil, likes growing in groups and grows fastest at night – hence the beautiful name in Swedish - Nattviol (Night Violet).

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