Meet our EOE-friend Nils Winell


”All of us who are affected by this virus are very affected”

It was in the early 00s that Nils Winell for the first time accompanied a few friends to an arena for indoor climbing and after that it just continued. Today, he prefers to climb outdoors and it easily adds up to 100 days of climbing a year.

”If outdoor climbing resonates with you, it’s almost a spiritual experience to get out in the woods and test a new trail. We who are affected by this virus are very affected. It can easily take over your life, every weekend and every holiday plan is made with climbing in mind. There are a few other subcultures that also become a true lifestyle for the ones who practice them – but no other is as accessible as climbing.”




Nils believes that the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor climbing, besides the most obvious, is that there is a stronger community among outdoor climbers. And this particular community is one of the main reasons why climbing has become such a big part of Nils’ life.

But besides a tight cohesion among those who share the climbing interest, it is the thorough process it takes when embarking on and mastering an unprecedented climb that excites.


”The feeling of trying a route that may at first feet a little impossible... From feeling hopeless to being successful, it’s similar to when you add a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you manage it on five attempts, sometimes on 30. That process, from the feeling of hopelessness to passing the trail is what climbing is all about.

It is a lot of problems and many hardships but little rewards (once you have passed a trail, you’re happy for a few seconds then on to the next). As a climber, you get great practice in how to cope with failure.”


Read more about Nils on his Instagram @kosmos.kid

Meet our EOE-friends


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