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Book your eye test at EOE EYEWEAR.

Location: Mäster Samuelsgatan 10, 111 44 Stockholm

We work with quality products and take the time to help you understand your visual impairment. We help you with vision defects near or far (distance or reading glasses), progressive, astigmatism, terminal glasses, presbyopia or prism. We do eye tests on children, from age 8 and above.


Book your eye test


The price of an eye test is SEK 495. The booking takes 30-60 minutes. We offer coffee, tea or water.

To those of you who have or have had glaucoma, please contact an optician who measures pressure. If necessary, we write referrals for those who, for example, have cataracts or strabismus. We do not do eye tests for driver's licenses.

Our range of colored glasses is large, and if you would like to create a pair of glasses without strength, with colored glass or, for example, blue light filters, you do not need to make an appointment, just come by!

For advice over the phone, you can reach us on 08 14 98 10.